ACM Headquarters Address, Office Locations and Email Address

Are you looking for ACM Headquarters Address, or Corporate Office location? You’re in the Right Place. This Article complete data approximately ACM in New York City, United States. So, let’s have a look at it.

ACM Headquarters Address

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ACM Headquarters Address and Phone Number

ACM Headquarters
1601 Broadway, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10019-7434
Phone: +1 212 869-7440

ACM Headquarters Member Services

Phone: 1 800 342-6626 (US/Canada)
+1 212 626-0500 (Global)
Fax:+1 212 944-1318 (Global)
Email: [email protected]

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Mail Payments to:
General Post Office
P.O. Box 30777
New York, NY 10087-0777

ACM Headquarters International Office Address

ACM China Office Address:
Room 9-324, East Main Building
Tsinghua University
Beijing, China, 100084

Phone: +86-10-62795471
Email: [email protected]
Hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

ACM India Office Address:
c/o Persistent Systems Ltd.
402 E, Bhageerath,
Senapati Bapat Road,
Pune – 411016
Maharashtra, India
Email: [email protected]

ACM Staff by Department

DepartmentName and TitlePhone Number
EducationYan Timanovsky
Education & Professional Development Manager
FinanceDarren Ramdin
DirectorJames Schembari
Deputy DirectorSabita Sadara
Staff Accountant
Darren Ramdin: +1-212-626-0584


James Schembari: +1-212-626-0596

Sabita Sadara: +1-212-626-0594

Information SystemsThomas Gibson
Application DeveloperAdam Greenberg
Senior System AnalystChristopher Guccio
Senior Developer
Thomas Gibson: +1-212-626-0574


Adam Greenberg: +1-212-626-0573

Christopher Guccio: +1-212-626-0571

MarketingSean Ryan
Digital Communications CoordinatorCarol Wierzbicki
Web Content ManagerCynthia Ryan
Associate Director
Sean Ryan: +1-212-626-0525


Carol Wierzbicki: +1-212-626-0514


Cynthia Ryan: +1-212-626-0510

MembershipHugh Ffrench
Customer Service RepresentativeNanette Hernandez
Customer Service Representative
Hugh Ffrench: +1-212-626-0500


Nanette Hernandez: +1-212-626-0500

Policy & AdministrationMarcia Boalen
Executive AssistantMonique Chang
Associate Director & HR Manager
Marcia Boalen: +1-212-626-0551


Monique Chang: +1-212-626-0562

Public PolicyAdam Eisgrau
Global Policy and Public Affairs Director
Adam Eisgrau: +1-202-580-6555
PublicationsScott Delman
DirectorDiane Crawford
Deputy Director, ACM MagazinesDenise Doig
Senior Editor, ACM MagazinesEmily Eng
Administrative AssistantLawrence Fisher
Senior Editor/NewsJoshua Horowitz
DL and Advertising Sales DirectorAnna Lacson
Digital Production CoordinatorThomas Lambert
Managing Editor, CACMLaura Lander
Journals Manager

Corey Leonard
DL Marketing and Customer Support Coordinator

Craig Moran
Senior DL Account Manager

Scott Delman: +1-212-626-0659


Diane Crawford: +1-212-626-0673

Denise Doig: +1-212-626-0651


Emily Eng: +1-212-626-0671

Lawrence Fisher: +1-212-626-0663

Joshua Horowitz:+1-212-626-0650

Anna Lacson: +1-212-626-0657

Thomas Lambert: +1-212-626-0674


Laura Lander: +1-212-626-0665

Corey Leonard: +1-212-626-0658


Craig Moran: +1-212-626-0653

Source: ACM Headquarters

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